Greek Easter 

On Sunday, 28 April, GAIA serves a traditional Greek Easter feast. Transporting those in DIFC to the Mediterranean, a lamb will be spit-roasted outside the restaurant, filling the Gate Village with the heavenly smells of Greek tradition. The family orientated celebration welcomes guests of all ages to enjoy a whole day of activities, delicacies and excellent cuisine.


From lunchtime onwards, GAIA will bring friends and families together for a traditional meal, incorporating the restaurant’s signature dishes, such as the Greek Salad, Tiropita (Cheese Pie with Truffle), Baked Feta, Truffle Potatoes and Seabream Carpaccio served alongside beautifully tender lamb from the spit-roast and seasonal vegetables.



Ending the meal on a sweet note, guests can enjoy a selection of desserts including Tsoureki, a traditional homemade sweet bread made for Easter, before embarking on the “Tsougrisma”competition. Every Easter, hard-boiled eggs are dyed in colour, and are cracked in a fun and lighthearted game. One player lightly taps the other person’s egg in order to break it, with the bearer of the unbroken egg crowned the winner. The champion is awarded with good luck for the whole year, and will be crowned at GAIA on Sunday 28 April 2019.


As one of the most important religious holidays in the Greek orthodox calendar, Greek Easter brings families and communities together to celebrate life and new beginnings. For the first time, GAIA will welcome guests to celebrate Greek Easter in an environment filled with tradition and delicious food in the heart of DIFC.